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Cameron Frish Wiki: Secret Facts of Kat Timpf Engaged Boyfriend


Cameron Frish Wiki: Secret Facts of Kat Timpf Engaged Boyfriend

The name Cameron Frish (also known as Cameron James Friscia) has not been included on Wikipedia despite his service to the United States military. Let’s find out more about his engagement to Katherine Timpf, shall we?

Cameron is a former member of the United States military. He is currently well-known for being Katherine Timpf’s childhood love who later became her life partner.

He is currently employed as a research associate at Coatue Management in New York City.

Katherine Timpf, with whom he is engaged, just became his girlfriend. She works as a journalist and commentator for the Fox News Channel in the United States. She also appears on a Fox News show called The Greg Gutfeld Show, where she appears on a consistent basis.

In a nutshell, here’s all you need to know:

Cameron Frish is his given name.

Birthday is August 10th, 1986.

The author is 34 years old.

Gender Male

6 feet tall is the maximum height.

87 kg is the maximum weight.

Nationality American

Military veteran in the field of work

Married/Single married


Katherine Timpf is a writer and editor based in New York City.

Education Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Military Academy

Instagram @camfrish

Cameron Frish’s Wiki and Age Information

Cameron Frish’s biography has not been included on the official Wikipedia page as of yet.

At the very least, he has served in the military for six years, however it is unclear where he really lived throughout that time. After the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers, he decided to attend Military West Point.

He was born on August 10, 1986, in the United States of America. His chronological age is 34 years. Cameron chose the zodiac sign of Leo as his birth sign as a result of this.

He is an American citizen, and he identifies as a Christian by his religious beliefs. Furthermore, he is a member of the ethnic group known as the whites.

When it comes to height, he stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall. In the same way, he weighs 87 kg.

Cameron Frish is a Canadian actor and director who has appeared in a number of films and television shows. Katherine Timpf has proposed to him.

Cameron Frish is well-known for his role as a celebrity husband.

Cameron appears to be an extremely private individual. He may be found on social media platforms such as Instagram. His Instagram account, on the other hand, is private.

Cameron Frish and Katherine Timpf had been dating for quite some time, as seen by the images that Timpf used to post of the two of them enjoying quality time together.

On August 1, 2020, they made the announcement of their engagement on The Greg Gutfeld Show.

Both of them would want to keep their personal lives a little more under wraps. As a result, a great deal of their information is still under the spotlight today.

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