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Arna Kimiai Father: Find Her Instagram Name and Parents, Nationality

Arna Kimiai Father: Find Her Instagram Name and Parents, Nationality

Arna Kimiai, the daughter of Farshad Kimiai, has been in the headlines recently when a video of her attacking a Nepalese Uber driver, Subhakar Khadra, went viral on social media. Arna Kimiai is the daughter of Farshad Kimiai.

Kimiai is a TikTok celebrity, influencer, and entrepreneur who makes her living by selling beauty items on her platform.

Kimiai, along with two other females, was arrested on March 7 after they were seen beating an innocent Uber driver. In her conversation with Mr. Khadka, Arna used racial taunts, and when he asked her to put on a mask, she took the cover off the driver’s face and coughed into his face. She was pepper spraying the motorist at the same time as her buddy Malaysian King, who had done so without cause.

What is the identity of Arna Kimiai’s father?

Arna Kimiai is Farshad Kimiai’s daughter, and she is a model. He owns the California corporation Arna Enterprises, Inc. in the name of his daughter, who is named Arna.

Arna’s father was the one who persuaded her to apologise for her actions during the current incident that she was embroiled in. Rather than this, there is no information on her father available in the public domain at this time.

Arna was recently released on bond after surrendering to police within hours of being apprehended.

Arna may be found on Instagram.

Arna is an Instagram Influencer who has more than 58.9k followers and is one of the most followed people on the platform. Her Instagram account is @keepinupwforeign, and she has a lot of followers.

We can see from her Instagram account that she enjoys travelling and discovering new locations to visit.

The Nationality of Arna’s Parents is the subject of this article.

When it comes to her parents, there is no information available regarding her mother in the public domain.

Due to the fact that her father could not remain out of the spotlight, certain facts have leaked to the public.

Her parents reside in California, and they share the same nationality as her daughter: they are both Americans.

In a nutshell, here’s all you need to know:

Arna Kimiai is her given name.

Birthday is on the 28th of January, 1997.

Twenty-fourth birthday

Gender Female sNationality

American sProfession

Influencer sParents

Farshad Kimiai is a writer and poet.

Instagram @keepinupwforeign

The Most Interesting Facts About Arna Kimiai

Because of her recent actions, Arna Kimiai surrendered herself to the San Francisco Women’s Correctional Facility.

The next day, on July 14, 2015, she was taken into custody in Los Angeles for violence on another individual.

Following Arna’s arrest, her companion Malaysian King was also taken into custody for allegedly beating the uber driver.

Her birthday is January 28th, 1997, and she was born in the year 1997.

Arna is a twenty-four-year-old woman.

If you wish to get in touch with her, you may send her a letter at PO BOX 712002 LA CA 90071.

Kimiai is now out of jail after being granted bail.

When it comes to her current dating status, she is single.

She recorded herself driving a sports vehicle on a highway at a speed of 122 miles per hour.

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