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Are battlefield 3 servers still up?

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The ability for Battlefield 3 modifications to host their own servers has finally been released after five years of work. The tyranny that was imposed on Battlefield 3 by its official servers has finally been lifted. Venice Unleashed, often known as VU, is now available to the general public after being in production for five years.

Is there a problem with the Battlefield 3 servers?

EA has confirmed to Polygon that the Battlefield 3 servers will not be shut down and instead instead be leased out.

Is it possible to play Battlefield 3 on a PS3?

On PS3, the servers for Battlefield 3 are now up and operational. You may use Google to find out how many people are playing online right now on each of the different platforms. Regarding this issue, I strongly advise you to get in contact with EA Advisors as soon as possible. It’s possible that the problem is only with your account, however we can’t control individual user accounts here at Answers HQ.

I was wondering whether anybody still plays Battlefield 3 on their Xbox.

It is working properly again now. I was just able to locate a few Xbox servers that are completely occupied.

Are BF3 servers still online PS3?

Even if there are more efficient methods to play these games, the fact that they are still playable on the PS3 makes it all the more awesome.

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Is Battlefield 4 still being played in 2021?

So, to answer your question, the answer is yes, Battlefield 4 is unexpectedly still a pretty entertaining game in the year 2021… Due in part to the fact that it looks quite a bit like Battlefield 4, but also because of the significant upgrades that are on the horizon, seeing how fantastic it still is has made me more optimistic than I have ever been for Battlefield 2042.

Is Battlefield 3 still available without a cost?

The Prime Gaming service from Amazon gives out free games on a monthly basis, and one of them is very noteworthy: Battlefield 3, a modern shooter that has become a classic and is regarded by many gamers as the unrivalled pinnacle of the series,…

Is Battlefield 3 a game that can be played offline?

This game can only be played offline (and only with a single player)…. In the event that there is, some redistributable software will be made available with the game.

Is it still possible to play Battlefield 4?

Due to the fact that it is presently the annual Steam Summer Sale, the premium version of “Battlefield 4” may be purchased on Steam right now at a significant discount…. “Battlefield 4” is a must-try for fans of first-person shooter games, and it’s likely that the game will continue to have plenty of activity until the ultimate release of “Battlefield 2042.” “Battlefield 4” was developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.

Which fighting ground has the most participants?

Battlefield 5 is now dominating the most-played games ranking on Steam, as was discovered for the first time by PCGamesN and continues to remain the case today. According to SteamDB, it hit its all-time high of 69,342 concurrent players yesterday, and while this article is being written, it is still attaining stats of 44,422 active players right now.

Where can one find the greatest number of gamers in 2021?

2021 is the total number of players for Battlefield 5.

  • The highest number of people playing Battlefield 5 on Steam was 22,890 in the month of June 2021. …
  • Battlefield 5 is now ranked #59 on Steam as of June 2021…
  • Twitch statistics for the month of February 2021 show that users watched 327,000 hours of Battlefield 5 gaming. …
  • As of June 2021, the highest number of people playing Battlefield 5 in a single 24 hour period on Steam was 16,078.

Is Battlefield 1 still being played by anyone?

Despite the fact that Battlefield 1’s popularity has decreased in comparison to that of many other rival shooters, the game still retains an active player base… The average peak player count on PlayStation 4 is 50,000, whereas the average peak player count on Xbox One and PC is 30,000 and 20,000 respectively. When you return to Battlefield 1, you won’t have any trouble finding a match to join.

Is it possible to play Battlefield 3 on a PS4?

Since Microsoft included backwards compatibility into the Xbox One, Battlefield 3 can only be played on that console. Since Sony has not yet incorporated any backwards compatibility for their first party games outside of their digital distribution service, it is really Sony that needs to make this step since EA did not do anything more to Battlefield 3 for Microsoft.

Are there no more Battlefield V servers?

The state of Battlefield V has not changed much. Lots of servers stuffed to capacity. If you utilise quickplay, your wait times will be around 30 seconds.

Is Battlefield 5 a game that has been discontinued?

New customisation content has been released, so don’t count out Battlefield V just yet. Battlefield V had its most recent significant update in June, which included the addition of new battlefields, weaponry, and other accessories. The in-game shop will soon include two new elite characters, each of whom will come equipped with their own one-of-a-kind melee weapon.

Cannot establish a connection to the EA servers?

Fixing the Issue of Being Unable to Connect to Electronic Arts Servers

  • Restart the application for playing the game…
  • You may need to do a clean boot on your computer or restart your game console….
  • Clear the cache on your computer or gaming console….
  • Stop using any VPNs and turn off your computer’s antivirus software and firewall (FOR PC)…
  • Examine the current status of the game server…
  • Verify that the Console Servers and Origin Servers are operational.

Is Battlefield 4 still being played on PS4 in the year 2020?

Battlefield 4 is still seeing a significant amount of play today. Despite the fact that it was published in 2013, it remains a fantastic game. Even though DICE has not published any new material for it since about 2016, the player base has not decreased by a significant amount.

Is it still worth it to buy Battlefield 5 in 2021?

Its core playing population. Even in 2021, Battlefield 5 maintains a sizable player population, which contributes to the game’s continued appeal. Despite the early criticism and controversy, the game has been a huge success… It is thus safe for me to assert that the Battlefield 5 franchise is very much alive and well in the year 2021.

Is Battlefield 4 still operational on the PS3 in 2021?

The PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 4 is still in playable condition.

Is there a link between Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4?

Electronic Arts is the publisher of the first-person shooter video game known as Battlefield 4, which was produced by the video game developer known as DICE. Battlefield 3 was released in 2011, and this game is a sequel to that game. The plot of this game takes place six years later, during the fictitious “War of 2020.”

What is the total amount of GB for Battlefield 3?

Storage: 20 GB available space.

Can Battlefield 3 be played with just 2 gigabytes of RAM?

In addition, it is suggested that you have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 if you want to play Battlefield 3 with the best settings possible. Installing a minimum of 2 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM) on your own computer is required to play Battlefield 3… You will need a processor that is at least similar to an Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 in order to play Battlefield 3.

Is it still possible to get Battlefield 3 for free on Amazon?

Everyone who has Amazon Prime may now get Battlefield 3 at no additional cost.

Is it possible to play Battlefield 3 on EA Play?

It is not possible to play Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 3: Premium Edition with the EA Desktop client.