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Andrew Gulledge Missing: Is Utah YouTuber Found? Age & Wife – What Happened To Him?wiki

Andrew Gulledge Missing: Is Utah YouTuber Found? Age & Wife - What Happened To Him?wiki

 Andrew Gulledge, a Utah-based YouTuber, has gone missing, according to reports. Is he still on the run? Read on to discover out about his missing facts, including his age and wife, as well as what happened to him in the storey below.

Andrew Gulledge is a Utah-based YouTuber who has been missing since the 31st of December 2021, according to his followers.

In addition, his older brother Reuben Gulledge made his missing report public on the internet via a Facebook post, which was shared by thousands of people.

He was last spotted leaving the Marriot in Provo on Friday, according to police. However, he has not been located since that time. His family, friends, and relatives are concerned about him, and they have been spreading his information about him all over the internet to spread the word.

Andrew Gulledge has gone missing; has the Utah YouTuber been found?

Andrew Gulledge, a Utah-based YouTuber, has gone missing and has not been located as of this writing.

He was last spotted leaving the Prove Marriott in downtown Phoenix at around 11 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, according to his missing information.

Although his family members have also speculated that he may be travelling to Salt Lake City or New Mexico, they have not received any word from him as of yet.

As a result, they are all concerned for his well-being, and they have appealed to the public to either call his brother Reuben or the Provo Police Department (801) 852-6210 in order to locate him.

Andrew Gulledge’s Date of Birth and Wife

Andrew Gulledge is a 41-year-old man who now lives in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, he had dark eyes and short hair with a big beard to complement his appearance. His weight is estimated to be approximately in the neighbourhood of 160 pounds. His height was described as being 6 feet and 1 inch, which was considered to be rather tall for his age.

He has a wife, whose name is Lesley Pulsipher Gulledge, and they have two children. A large number of well-wishers and close friends are attempting to assist Lesley in locating him.

However, their search is still continuing, and they have not yet been able to locate Andrew’s whereabouts.

Is Andrew Gulledge still alive? What happened to him?

No one knows what happened to Andrew Gulledge at this point.

To be more specific, he has been absent for three days and the location of his whereabouts is still a mystery.

According to the missing reports received by his close friends and family, he is often seen in downtown Salt Lake City, particularly in the area between 3000 and 13500 south and 300 west. Yet, he could have returned to Salt Lake City via rail, bus, Uber, hitching, or Greyhound, among other modes of transportation.

Many people are praying for his safe return to his family and for him to be able to have a regular life once again.

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