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Alicia Cardenas Death: Sol Tribe Owner – Is Denver Shooter Identified?

Alicia Cardenas Death: Sol Tribe Owner - Is Denver Shooter Identified?

Alicia Cardenas, owner of the Sol Tribe, was identified as one of the five victims of the Denver shooting. Is the shooter in Denver Identified? Let us attempt to ascertain the identity of the Denver gunman.

Alicia Cardenas is a Denver, Colorado-based artist. She is a muralist and cultural anthropologist who researches and collects a broad array of items from many cultures.

On December 27, 2021, a shooting spree claimed the lives of five persons and wounded many more. Two adult females and one adult man were reportedly shot by the suspect.

Additionally, Alicia is one of five confirmed victims of the latest Denver incident.

Greetings, @GOP and @NRA 675 In 2021, there will be mass shootings (with a raging pandemic).

Around Denver, a gunman murdered four people and wounded many more, including an officer. According to authorities, the suspect has died. https://t.co/ojFzW9iG49

December 28, 2021 — Carlos E. Gates (@CarlosEGates1)

Alicia Cardenas’s Death: An Update on the Denver Shooting – What Happened?

Alicia Cardenas was killed in a shooting in Denver on December 27, 2021.

However, official websites have not yet verified this.

The source said that the shooter entered a building in Lakewood’s Belmar Shopping Center and shot a retail employee. Officers retaliated against the shooter. Five individuals were killed and three others were wounded in the shooting spree, including a police officer. However, since the cop was sent to the hospital in a timely manner, he is believed to be alive and undergoing surgery.

Additionally, the suspect is suspected of firing a weapon at at least seven different sites in Denver and Lakewood, Colorado. Following the three shootings in Denver, police and the suspect exchanged gunfire when a vehicle related with the suspect was spotted.

According to the source, the suspect was shot and killed in Lakewood, although it is uncertain whether he was killed by cops. Similarly, the shooting’s motivation has not been determined.

#BREAKING: Five people, including the suspect, have been killed and three others, including a police officer, have been wounded in a shooting rampage that began in Denver and finished in Lakewood. https://t.co/phg8yRKwJN

December 28, 2021 — Denver7 News (@DenverChannel)

Alicia Cardenas: Who Is She? Owner of the Sol Tribe

Sol Tribe Tattoo is owned by Alicia Cardenas.

She has been in charge of the firm for the most of her life. She said in an interview that she is a Chicana (combo of Mexican American and Native American). Additionally, she is well-known for her commitment to the profession of body modification.

Additionally, the veteran spent twenty years as an instructor for the National Safety Council. Since 1999, she has been giving seminars on blood-borne infections. Additionally, her biggest accomplishment is serving on the Association of Professional Piercers’ board of directors. Since 1999, she has been a professional member of the same.

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